Hell Yeah Julie Benz

I said hey, what’s going on?


I said hey, what’s going on?

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I ran a town. I can run a business (X)

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My favorite scene on the show was when Dexter proposes to Rita. I remember shooting that day; I had so many scenes I didn’t even look to see… All I saw in that scene was I had no lines, and I was like ‘ok, whatever. Whatever happens, will happen’. And as soon as we started to rehearse and Michael started saying his dialogue, it was like that magic moment that all actors hope for, and tears started flowing and snot and all of that excitement of being proposed to… And the director was like ‘Save it, save it for when we’re rolling’! And I’m like ‘I’m not doing anything’. To me, that was like that synergy moment when character and yourself kind of melt together and it just happens.

Yahoo! interview

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Anonymous said: i think we can all agree that Julie has the nicest ass ever <3

Agreed, anon.

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